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19-06-26 03:58 Eric Kurtz Sounds great! Found you off of the Prog Day Facebook page.
18-11-24 09:13 Tschessbess Hello from Bern in Switzerland. I'm wait of the new CD!!!
18-03-03 11:56 James Youngs Great looking website!!
18-02-28 09:43 michael jobborn excellent looking site for sure. Marc sure knows how to create a great site. cheers
18-02-28 01:26 eric harabadian Hey Guys, This site looks GREAT! All the best with your new guitarist and album. Continued success!
18-02-18 11:39 Michael Murray All my drum tracks for the new tune "The Face Of Life" finally done. Whew!!
18-01-05 04:14 Chet Gyer Great stuff Mike. Looks like you're covering all the prog festst? Continued musical prosperity for 2018. Chet - keyboards, Richmond, Va.
17-11-16 08:45 Lee Merrell Rest easy, it's working! Bug exterminator seems to have been successful.
17-11-13 11:40 WorldProg All seems well on the western front!
17-11-05 04:41 Mike Visaggio We are having some issues with bugs. Please be patient. I'll let you know when it works right.
17-11-05 04:38 Mike Visaggio We are having some delays working out some bugs but should be able to post news soon. You may know Todd has left the band. See my Facebook for details.
17-10-25 01:55 Nick Katona Im not a robot, but where do I sign up for the news letter
17-10-14 04:44 Lee Merrell Website looks amazing. Best of luck with the gig tonight!
17-10-14 02:57 Pierrot Lunaire (Mark Francis) Works great on my 7+. Best of luck.
17-09-24 05:38 Scott Oliver Happy 11th anniversary!
17-09-24 01:12 Randy Byrd Cant wait to see you at zeta octomer 14th you guys rock
17-09-22 12:54 morton berk travelog first tune i caught...nice...talented dudes..pull it off of luck going forward hope right people hear you..hope lots hear you...
17-09-16 03:43 Mark Francis Beautiful site. Best of luck.
17-09-16 03:33 Michael Pollock VERY, VERY NICE. Brings back some nice memories, such as being asked at JAXX by Billy Sherwood to be in a group photo with him and Mike V!
17-09-16 02:45 Rick Dashiell Wow this is an excellent site! It is easy to navigate and really well done. Hope to see you sometime soon!
17-09-16 01:40 John Blangero Great site! Good luck on your upcoming gigs!
17-09-16 01:38 Frits Meijer Fabulous website! Congrats guys! I really like the full Soundcloud songs, not just 30 second preview snippets. If anything, I would prefer if the selected music keeps playing when changing tabs and reading the rest of the site.
17-09-15 08:31 Mark T. Looking forward to Progtoberfest!
17-09-15 03:57 Steve Barberic Love you guys!!! Rock on!!!
17-09-13 10:59 WorldProg We wish Kinetic Element the best for the coming years and all the success with every music project. We hope this site contributes to your success!!
17-09-13 10:57 Marc Nelson The World Prog Project and Core Web Graphics are proud to introduce as an example of a website tailor made for any band, solo artist or performance ensemble. Mike and the guys play the best and deserve the best!!