Live From New York

Live From New York
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  1. War Song - Live (24bits)
  2. Into The Lair - Live (24bits)
  3. Chasing The Lesser Light - Live (24bits)
  4. Epistle - Live (24bits)
  5. The Face of Life - Live (24bits)

All purchases of the new album come with an immediate download of the mp4 concert filmed In New York during the recording of the live album

Some information about the eco- friendly CD packaging.

The type of CD packaging used in this release is called a Digipack Lite™ made from recyclable and post-consumer recycled materials.

The inks used in printing are vegetable based making them more biodegradable than traditional petroleum-based inks. The CD tray is made from recycled water bottles, Even re-sealable crystal clear eco bags are used instead of cello wrapping and shrink wrapping, these are much more biodegradable than their counterparts.

This is not the first time our label has used this type of packaging... It has also been used for releases by Allison vonBuelow, Aethellis, AmuZeum, Bomber Goggles, Colouratura, Darusso, Lisa LaRue, Murky Red, Potter's Daughter, Scarlet Hollow, Sonic Divide, Ten Jinn and Transport Aerian have all released special eco- friendly CD packages, + the label has released 5 eco- friendly promotional CDs.

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Recorded Live in October 2019 at "My Fathers Place"
Rosyln NY
24 Bit Digital Download

Peter Hedeman - Video and Production Manager
John Fig - House Audio, Don Gabis Monitor, and Mixer.
Marc Greene - Stage Manager

All songs composed by Mike Visaggio
Engineered by Michael Murray & Peter Matuchniak
Mixed & Mastered by Peter Matuchniak
Album art bu by Peter Matuchniak
Photos by Gary Hobish, Emily Sears, Shelby Anderson, Gerry Nevarete, Mark Schoen, Pierre Menard, and Olimpia Tupko

released June 21, 2020
Mike Visaggio: Keyboards
Mark Tupko: Bass
Michael Murray: Drums
St. John Coleman: Vocals
Peter Matuchniak: Guitar

The Face of Life

The Face of Life
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  1. Epistle
  2. All OpenEyes
  3. The Face of Life
  4. Last Words

St. John Coleman - Vocals
Mike Visaggio - Keyboards & Vocals
Mark Tupko - Bass
Michael Murray - Drums & Backing Vocals
Peter Matuchniak - Guitar

LP Side 1
1) Epistle
2) All OpenEyes

LP Side 2
1) Face of Life
2 Last Words

CD & Digital
1) Epistle
2) All OpenEyes
3) Face of Life
4) Last Words
releases February 28, 2019

Mixed at Sound Resources, Chattanooga TN
Mixing Engineers, Fred Schendel, and Steve Babb
Mastered by Barry at The Other Room, Portland OR
Layout and Graphics, Man In The Mountain

From Richmond, Virginia comes the new album from the progressive rock band, Kinetic Element. Their new album titled "The Face Of Life" is the band's third studio album and it will be released on March 1st. It features only four songs that fit perfectly on vinyl, as every one is an epic masterpiece. The album begins with the powerful, attention grabbing opener "Epistle." The band just excite your senses from from the start, before diving into the sixteen-minute epic "All Open Eyes."

The tempo changes within the song will certainly keep you glued to the band's wonderful musicianship. Kinetic Element follow that up with the nearly twenty minute "The Face Of Life," which draws from the band's early prog-rock influences. The album closes with the quiet ballad "Last Words" as Kinetic Element deliver a complete piece of musical expression worthy of repeat listens. To find out more about Kinetic Element and their latest release "The Face Of Life," please visit kineticelement.rocks

— JP's Music Blog

As I entered Reggie’s Rock Club on the final day of Progtoberfest, the Virginia band Kinetic Element were winding up their set … their take on classic prog, spearheaded by keyboardist Mike Visaggio, sounded accomplished and intriguing; I wished I could have arrived earlier and heard more. Plus, you gotta love a band with a lead singer in a kilt!

— Progarchy


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  1. War Song
  2. Travelog
  3. Into the Lair
  4. Her
  5. Vision of a New Dawn

Mike Visaggio - Keyboards
Todd Russel - Guitars, Triangle
Michael Murray - Drums, Percussion & Whistling
Mark Tupko - Bass

Guest Vocalists
Dimetrius LaFavors (tracks 1, 2 & 5)
Michelle Schrotz (track 3)
Mike Florio (track 4)

It's the kind of album that you could just sit with a loved in front of, as a live, on stage band entity, close your eyes, and allow to absorb each and every crafted beat, swirl, and instrumental brilliance within you.

— Anne Carlini

A nice candidate for top 10 for 2015. A nice intriguing art work.
Travelog is a much more symphonic affair, with a strong jazz-rock fusion influence.

— Prog Archives

... is an exceptional exercise in experimentation, for it is bellyful of disjointed melodies and varying rhythms, all utilized to a level of outstanding resonance.

— The Rocktologist

The former transitions between madrigal sounding keyboards, fine organ solos, ripping guitar parts and softer acoustic led sections while the latter is a wonderful slice of classic symphonic prog with spellbinding keyboards, thick bass lines and complex Howe-like guitar fills.

— Sea of Tranquility

All tracks on the album have their own signature, which is not unusual, but in this case it shows the diversity of what Kinetic Element is capable of.

— Angelo's Rock Orphanage

Those who enjoy the slow burn of epic prog – think Yes‘ Close to the Edge more than Tales From Topographic Oceans – will enjoy this delightfully adventurous yet accessible set.

— Musoscribe

Powered By Light

Powered By Light
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  1. Riding in Time
  2. The Ascent
  3. Now and Forever
  4. Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart
  5. Meditation
  6. Reconciliation
  7. See the Children

... this is album as whole is great connection between advantages of Neo Prog and Classical Music (mostly in terms of keyboards/guitar elements, just hear guitar in The Ascent, is it reminding you 19th century now ?).

— Prog Archives

Those guys really did their homework, for it´s easy to see they have the right influences (ELP, Yes, Genesis, among others, plus some jazz stuff here and there to spice it up) and still they come up with something totally of their own.

Every song is a winner and the arrangements are very tasteful. Every musician plays its part at the right moment, resulting a very harmonic sound.

They all are skillful but they play for the music, not for showing off.

— Prog Archives

I quickly came to the conclusion that this music is ‘a vintage keyboard fan’s wet dream’! Apart from the instrumental Meditation, with beautiful play on the acoustic guitar in rhythm, solo and overdubs, the other six tracks are loaded with bombastic Hammond-organ and MiniMoog-synthesizer along glorious Mellotron-violin and -choir and swinging grand piano

— Background Magazine

There is a sense of hope prevailing in the songs, which I feel in both the tone of the music itself and is also evident from the lyrics. They speak of trying to overcome obstacles, believing in oneself and not fearing them.

— RateYourMusic

The Powered By Light Suite (Demo EP)

Starship Universe (by Mike Visaggio)

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  1. In The Nazarene Church
  2. Prelude No. 2 for Piano
  3. My Elders' Son
  4. Blues Variation
  5. 2001: Also Rocked Zarathustra
  6. Starship Universe
  7. The Sychronized Life
  8. On The Ship of Emotion
  9. Music's Coming To Us

Mike’s style of music embodies, to me at least, the true spirit of classic progressive rock with it’s intricate instrumentation and amazing thought provoking lyrics.

Mike’s instrument of choice is the keyboard, and gives a very vintage vibe to his playing. In many ways this albums sounds like it could have been released in the mid-seventies.

— ProgNaut

Visaggio wears his influences on his sleeve.

There is no doubt that he is a very accomplished keyboardist.

And I have to say that as I listen to this album there are very many parts of it I really enjoy

— Cross Rythms