Back to work new album - Fri, 01 Nov 2019

Kinetic Element will be back in studio next week working on the live CD which has for now become our priority. We spent most of 2019 working on our newest 20-minute epic Chasing The Lesser Light, which will be on the live CD before it has ever been released on a "regular" release. Peter is busily mixing tracks in Los Angeles and I'm working on getting HIS song charted out for the band members. I know we will not get another finished before 2021 in time for my 69th birthday.
Meanwhile ... Holiday season is upon us and guess what we think would make a great gift? You rascals, you knew it was Kinetic Element merchandise. If you have friends or relatives who you think desperately need to be turned on to prog rock music or if you have some prog friends who don't have our stuff, well, you know what to do. Everything we have can be bought through the band, just PM any one of us. You can also order through the website, or directly from Melodic Revolution Records or CD Baby.
One of my regrets in life is that I have not been available to festivals to volunteer for staff. I am looking into whether I can do that next year.
If you are a festival goer and want to see us mainstage either in the U.S. or Europe, we want very much to play one in 2020. Please contact those festivals and tell them you want to see us live. Festivals are about the only thing that can bring the four Virginians and one LA resident together. Summer's End, 2 Days of Prog Plus One, Lorelei, ROSfest, Progstock, Terra Incognita. All of these are wonderful events worthy of your support as well.