Back From Mini-Tour - Fri, 01 Nov 2019

The three dates (Virginia Beach, Progstock and My Father's Place) were successful and we made more friends, sold some stuff and had a blast being together with Peter in person after all the time we have had to wait to meet him. Sorry old Mikey is late in posting but we want to thank Tom Palmieri and Ann Rinaldi of Progstock for inviting us to play our music at the Late Night Event on Oct. 13th. Also we thank the support staff who helped is, led by Rob Rutz who kept us sane at Progstock.  We thank Michael "Eppy" Epstein who is still, 45 years later, making good things happen at his My Father's Place venue on Long Island.  It's tough letting Peter go back to Los Angeles but we're confident that we will see him again next time we get a festival invitation.