Bass tracks done for Epistle - Sat, 14 Jul 2018

Mark Tupko is one of the best bass players in rock. If you can do all that heavy metal stuff and still do a total paradigm shift and come and play prog rock with total artistry you are a rare specimen indeed. Mark's work finishing up Epistle last night was just awesome, and he remarked that doing Kinetic Element is more fun all the time. The melodic quality of his playing is matched totally by the power of it.
So for this song ... imagine it's Steve Winwood on keyboards, John Entwhistle on bass, Bill Bruford on drums. And I know we are going to get something akin to Roger Daltry on vocals and Steve Hackett on guitar. In a song that's more straight ahead rock than we usually do, but has all those nice little prog touches the way Asia gets them in there but a little more expansive than an Asia tune. I wanted to have a song that was more accessible to general audiences and still reeked of prog rock, and we got one, a prog blues with the traditional 12-bar structure that's more than 12 bars, but with 4/4, 6/4, 7/4 sections and quiet pipe organ/vocal hooks surrounding a "YUGE" mellotron-driven instrumental break, all in 7 minutes, and lyrics about living above the fear-driven human condition. I mean, I am so proud of what my guys have done with this so far.
We get Saint John in for vocals tomorrow and whenever Peter gets to the guitar, as he's working on his parts for The Face of Life right now. We are hoping for a festival date or two during 2019 and yes, we would take one at the last minute (well, more like a month notice so we can rehearse a show) if anybody cancels out of Progstock or ProgDay this year.