Work on The Face of Life - Sat, 21 Apr 2018

Saint John finished vocals on the new epic today, I dropped in a couple of keyboard changes and was forcibly restrained from adding more Mellotron (LOL) and Mark the Great took my idea for a bass edit and made it ten times better than I envisioned. I think we MAY have to look a a couple of fine tuning things as far as bass/drums in unison go, but man, for a long piece with no guitars on it yet this thing is smokin'. I'm angling for some percussion overdubs (cowbell?) Michael is going to send the whole thing to Peter and we're going to try evaluating a couple of parts of what ought to be our next piece come Thursday I guess. This takes so damn long to do. I swear we are gonna have this thing done before New Year and get it out there in time to debut it at a festival in 2019. If you said this is what I live for, you'd be right. I thank God that there's a way for me to use the talent he gave me thanks to the Internet.

BTW ROSfest, two weeks off, come by the MRR table and meet some of our artists. Mark, Michael and Saint John will be there mostly on Saturday the 5th. I will be there the whole festival. We'd love to sign your copies of Travelog and Powered by Light.