Looking forward to ROSfest - Sat, 07 Apr 2018

We hit a snag and are basically stopped for a couple of weeks in the middle of doing vocals for The Face of Life because everyone has been called away with matters related to day job work and family responsibilities, but we will be back to recording a week from now. Then we lose the weekend of ROSfest because I'm heading for Gettysburg for the festival. I hope to have some homeburned CDs of All Open Eyes made up which I will be selling cheap as an advance look at what KE's new album will be like when (I hope) we get it out early next year. You will also be able to buy copies of Starship Universe, Powered by Light and Travelog from me at the festival at the low, low, price of $10. I do have something new I hope to start showing the guys when we send The Face of Life out to Peter in California to add guitars.

Thanks for staying with us. We hope to be back on a festival stage when we have new product to showcase. I look forward to seeing you all in Gettysburg as i will be hovering around the Melodic Revolution Records table when I'm not in the theater soaking up prog, and I expect to do a little jamming as usual while there! My most anticipated band is PFM!!